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Malaysia 101

Here is a brief socio-demographic study to understand why a Malaysian guild is imperative for NEAR:
Malaysia ranks #12 in terms of 13.2% of population aged 16-64 with cryptos.

Picture 1

As you can see in the graph above, other South East Asian (SEA) countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Philippines rank very high too. All these regions have already well-established guilds.

The SEA region has history of weak currencies that steadily devalue themselves against the US Dollar, plus elevated levels of corruption. Add to that the fact that all these nations’ population pyramid are very young, and you have the perfect cocktail for mass crypto adoption.


Zooming in, the biggest age brackets (16 to 40 years old) are those best positioned for fast crypto adoption. They will be our main priority:


It is therefore imperative to position NEAR in the region!